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RESERVOIRSON is a co-operative library of sounds created by sound engineer Christophe GIOVANNONI.
If you are a professional sound engineer and have relevant sound archives, you can offer them for sale online on this web site.

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Christophe GIOVANNONI.
His company, TAKE TWO sarl, offers complete sound recording services with full equipment (Cantar and set of microphones). He has acquired a rich and varied experience in that field. over the years He works mainly in cinema, television and documentaries.

Marco Bellocchio, Ascanio Celestini, Daniel Cipri, José Dayan, Anne Deluz, Bruno Deville, Xavier Durringer, Pierre Antoine Hiroz, Jean Blaise Junod, Joachim Lafosse, Gabriel Le Bomin, Gabriel Lorenzo, Frédéric Mermoud, Anne Marie Mieville, Jean Pierre Mocky, Michael Perotta, Denis Rabaglia, Elisabeth Rappeneau, Germinal Roaux, Alain Robbe Grillet, Michel Rodde, Alice Rohrwacher, Marcel Schupbach, John Shank, Mohamed Soudani, Michael Steiner, Alain Tanner, RTS

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RESERVOIRSON forfeits all the rihgt of use on the sounds proposed to the client. This surrender becomes effective only after validation of payment for each sound. However, these rights are free for use, but under no circumstances does the purchase of a sound grant the purchaser the right to resell that sound or to claim credit for its’ creation with these rights. The downloaded sounds are uniquely for use.